Screenshot Ultimate FULL BlackBerry

Screenshot Ultimate is the most complete screenshot capturer that can be found. You can edit a taken screenshot, take multiple screenshots and send them all by email, upload a screenshot to Imgur or send it to your friends on Twitter with TwitPic! And even more!!!

Screenshot Ultimate for BlackBerry

I only get white screens?
Please go to the options page of your device, from there go to application management, select this application, edit the permissions and set all permissions to allow.

- Rotate or mirror the screenshot
- Crop a part of the screenshot
- Add text to the screenshot (change font color, size and style)
- Upload a screenshot to 
- Change colors of the screenshot (grayscale, sepia, negative, retro)
- Paint on the screenshot (change drawing color, size and movement)
- Save a screenshot to device memory or sdcard
- Send a screenshot by email (using BlackBerry® email)
- Upload a screenshot to TwitPic, Imgur, Tumblr, Glowfoto, ImageShack or upload it to your own server with POST
- The application will list taken screenshots (with preview)
- You can remove a specific screenshots from the list
- Save all the screenshots from the list to a folder (queue up and batch save them)
- Send all the screenshots from the list to email (queue up and batch send them)
- Assign Screenshot Ultimate to a BlackBerry® convenience key
- The application will place a system wide menu item you can use to make a screenshot
- Let your device make a sound and/or vibrate when a screenshot gets taken
- Set a timeout (time-delay) before the screenshot gets taken
- No branding in the screenshot(s)

Will it cost me any money?
Yes, you will only have to pay once. Afterwards you can use it unlimited!

It only gives me white pictures?
Go to the options page of your BlackBerry®, and go to Application Management. Select thisapplication and set all permissions to allow. That will fix the white screen problem.

How can I use it?
When you want to make a screenshot, click the BlackBerry® menu button and click the Screenshot Ultimate menu item. The application will pop up and you can edit, save and/or send the screenshot!

Where can I make screenshots from?
* A website you are viewing using the BlackBerry® browser
* Share a route or location by making a screenshot from BlackBerry® maps
* Show your friends what someone twittered, posted on Facebook or other social network posts
* Send a screenshot from your calendar to your friends
* Make a screenshot of that new app you downloaded
* Make multiple screenshots from cool stuff and send them all at the same time to your friends (by email)
* You can make a screenshot of practically everything! And, of course, share it!

You can:
Assign Screenshot Ultimate to a BlackBerry® convenience key so you can make a screenshot of everything, including applications where you cannot access the Screenshot Ultimate menu item.

Screenshot Ultimate v2.1 FULL

Screenshot Ultimate v2.1 FULL for BlackBerry

Version: 2.1
File Size: 282 KB
Required: 6.0.0 or higher

Use Serial: 

Download Screenshot Ultimate v2.1 FULL

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