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Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone
All Hope Is Gone
01-.execute.mp3 (1.82MB)
02-Gematria (The Killing Name).mp3 (5.87MB)
03-Sulfur.mp3 (4.53MB)
04-Psychosocial.mp3 (4.63MB)
05-Dead Memories.mp3 (4.38MB)
06-Vendetta.mp3 (5.13MB)
07-Butcher's Hook.mp3 (4.16MB)
08-Gehenna.mp3 (6.69MB)
09-This Cold Black.mp3 (4.57MB)
10-Wherein Lies Continue.mp3 (5.48MB)
11-Snuff.mp3 (4.50MB)
12-All Hope Is Gone.mp3 (4.69MB)
13-Child of Burning Time.mp3 (5.04MB)
14-Vermilion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix).mp3 (3.60MB)
15-'Til We Die.mp3 (5.62MB)

Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy (Special Edition)
Audio Secrecy
01-Audio Secrecy.mp3 (1.72MB)
02-Mission Statement.mp3 (3.74MB)
03-Digital (Did You Tell).mp3 (3.91MB)
04-Say You'll Haunt Me.mp3 (4.29MB)
05-Dying.mp3 (2.96MB)
06-Let's Be Honest.mp3 (3.66MB)
07-Unfinished.mp3 (3.10MB)
08-Hesitate.mp3 (4.15MB)
09-Nylon 6/6.mp3 (3.55MB)
10-Miracles.mp3 (4.02MB)
11-Pieces.mp3 (4.40MB)
12-The Bitter End.mp3 (3.49MB)
13-Imperfect.mp3 (4.22MB)
14-Threadbare.mp3 (5.60MB)
15-Hate Not Gone.mp3 (3.75MB)
16-Anna.mp3 (3.42MB)
17-Home Again.mp3 (3.81MB)

Slipknot - Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) [Bonus Disc] Disc 1
Sub Verses CD 2
01-Prelude 3.0.mp3 (3.86MB)
02-The Blister Exists.mp3 (5.17MB)
03-Three Nil.mp3 (4.67MB)
04-Duality.mp3 (4.10MB)
05-Opium Of The People.mp3 (3.16MB)
06-Circle. (4.25MB)
07-Welcome.mp3 (3.19MB)
08-Vermilion.mp3 (5.13MB)
09-Pulse Of The Maggots.mp3 (4.22MB)
10-Before I Forget.mp3 (4.52MB)
11-Vermilion Pt. 2.mp3 (3.65MB)
12-The Nameless.mp3 (4.35MB)
13-The Virus Of Life.mp3 (5.27MB)
14-Danger - Keep Away.mp3 (3.16MB)

Slipknot - Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) [Bonus Disc] Disc 2

01-Don't Get Close.mp3 (3.71MB)
02-Scream.mp3 (4.41MB)
03-Vermilion (Terry Date Mix).mp3 (5.27MB)
04-Danger - Keep Away (Full-Length Version).mp3 (7.68MB)
05-The Blister Exists (Live).mp3 (5.20MB)
06-Three Nil (Live).mp3 (4.82MB)
07-Disasterpiece (Live).mp3 (5.28MB)
08-People = Shit (Live).mp3 (3.81MB)

Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May
Come What(ever) May
01-30/30-150.mp3 (4.88MB)
02-Come What(ever) May.mp3 (4.32MB)
03-Hell & Consequences.mp3 (4.18MB)
04-Sillyworld.mp3 (4.78MB)
05-Made Of Scars.mp3 (4.06MB)
06-Reborn.mp3 (3.89MB)
07-Your God.mp3 (5.33MB)
08-Through Glass.mp3 (5.33MB)
09-Socio.mp3 (4.00MB)
10-1st Person.mp3 (4.67MB)
11-Cardiff.mp3 (5.31MB)
12-Zzyzx Rd.mp3 (5.86MB)

Korn - Remember Who You Are (Special Edition)
01-Uber-Time.mp3 (1.49MB)
02-Oildale (Leave Me Alone).mp3 (4.60MB)
03-Pop A Pill.mp3 (3.91MB)
04-Fear Is A Place To Live.mp3 (3.10MB)
05-Move On.mp3 (3.72MB)
06-Lead The Parade.mp3 (4.31MB)
07-Let The Guilt Go.mp3 (3.85MB)
08-The Past.mp3 (4.96MB)
09-Never Around.mp3 (5.35MB)
10-Are You Ready To Live.mp3 (3.89MB)
11-Holding All These Lies.mp3 (4.52MB)
12-Trapped Underneath The Stairs.mp3 (4.24MB)
13-People Pleaser.mp3 (6.88MB)
14-Blind (Live).mp3 (5.30MB)

Slipknot - Slipknot [10 Anniversary]
10th Anni
01-742617000027.mp3 (649kb)
02-(sic).mp3 (3.27MB)
03-Eyeless.mp3 (3.85MB)
04-Wait And Bleed.mp3 (2.43MB)
05-Surfacing.mp3 (3.56MB)
06-Spit It Out.mp3 (2.62MB)
07-Tattered & Torn.mp3 (2.85MB)
08-Purity.mp3 (4.32MB)
09-Liberate.mp3 (3.05MB)
10-Prosthetics.mp3 (4.84MB)
11-No Life.mp3 (2.75MB)
12-Diluted.mp3 (3.32MB)
13-Only One.mp3 (2.41MB)
14-Scissors.mp3 (8.12MB)
15-Eeyore.mp3 (2.77MB)
16-Me Inside.mp3 (2.64MB)
17-Get This.mp3 (2.05MB)
18-Spit It Out (Hyper Version).mp3 (2.39MB)
19-Spit It Out (Stamp You Out Mix).mp3 (2.60MB)
20-(sic) (Molt-Injected Mix).mp3 (3.38MB)
21-Wait And Bleed (Terry Date Mix).mp3 (2.49MB)
22-Wait And Bleed (Demo).mp3 (2.54MB)
23-Snap (Demo).mp3 (2.66MB)
24-Interloper (Demo).mp3 (2.29MB)
25-Despise (Demo).mp3 (3.61MB)

Five Finger Death Punch - The Way Of The Fist
01-Ashes.mp3 (3.71MB)
02-The Way Of The Fist.mp3 (3.95MB)
03-Salvation.mp3 (3.34MB)
04-The Bleeding.mp3 (4.43MB)
05-A Place To Die.mp3 (3.65MB)
06-The Devil's Own.mp3 (4.17MB)
07-White Knuckles.mp3 (4.13MB)
08-Never Enough.mp3 (3.48MB)
09-Stranger Than Fiction.mp3 (3.33MB)
10-Can't Heal You.mp3 (3.06MB)
11-Death Before Dishonour.mp3 (3.88MB)
12-Meet The Monster.mp3 (4.43MB)
13-From Out Of Nowhere.mp3 (3.43MB)
14-The Devil's Own (Live Bonus Track).mp3 (4.84MB)

DevilDriver - The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand [Re-Issue]
Furyf Our Maker\'s Hand
01-End Of The Line.mp3 (4.83MB)
02-Driving Down The Darkness.mp3 (3.73MB)
03-Grinfucked.mp3 (3.40MB)
04-Hold Back The Day.mp3 (4.07MB)
05-Sin & Sacrifice.mp3 (4.85MB)
06-Ripped Apart.mp3 (4.02MB)
07-Pale Horse Apocalypse.mp3 (4.05MB)
08-Just Run.mp3 (4.08MB)
09-Impending Disaster.mp3 (3.98MB)
10-Bear Witness Unto.mp3 (3.90MB)
11-Before The Hangman's Noose.mp3 (3.70MB)
12-The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand.mp3 (4.66MB)
13-Unlucky 13.mp3 (3.94MB)
14-Guilty As Sin.mp3 (2.98MB)
15-Digging Up The Corpses.mp3 (3.72MB)
16-I Could Care Less (Live).mp3 (3.57MB)
17-Hold Back The Day (Live).mp3
18-Ripped Apart (Live).mp3

Korn - Follow the Leader
Follow The Leader
13-It's On.mp3 (4.42MB)
14 Freak On A Leash.mp3 (4.26MB)
15-Got The Life.mp3 (3.72MB)
16-Dead Bodies Everywhere.mp3 (4.67MB)
17-Children Of The Korn.mp3 (3.83MB)
18-B.B.K.mp3 (3.90MB)
19-Pretty.mp3 (4.15MB)
20-All In The Family.mp3 (4.85MB)
21-Reclaim My Place.mp3 (4.48MB)
22-Justin.mp3 (4.29MB)
23-Seed.mp3 (5.85MB)
24-Cameltosis.mp3 (4.62MB)
25-My Gift To You.mp3 (15.2MB)

Five Finger Death Punch - War Is the Answer (Special Edition)
01-Dying Breed.mp3 (2.95MB)
02-Hard To See.mp3 (3.50MB)
03-Bulletproof.mp3 (3.29MB)
04-No One Gets Left Behind.mp3 (3.41MB)
05-Crossing Over.mp3 (2.94MB)
06-Burn It Down.mp3 (3.57MB)
07-Far From Home.mp3 (3.55MB)
08-Falling In Hate.mp3 (3.04MB)
09-My Own Hell.mp3 (3.60MB)
10-Walk Away.mp3 (3.71MB)
11-Canto 34.mp3 (4.14MB)
12-Bad Company.mp3 (4.35MB)
13-War Is The Answer.mp3 (3.32MB)
14-Succubus.mp3 (2.96MB)
15-Undone.mp3 (3.49MB)

DevilDriver - Pray For Villains [Special Edition] 
Pray For Villains 
01-Pray For Villains.mp3 (3.96MB) 
02-Pure Sincerity.mp3 (4.53MB) 
03-Fate Stepped In.mp3 (5.05MB) 
04-Back With A Vengeance.mp3 (3.61MB) 
05-I've Been Sober.mp3 (5.14MB) 
06-Resurrection Blvd.mp3 (3.90MB) 
07-Forgiveness Is A Six Gun.mp3 (4.45MB) 
08-Waiting For November.mp3 (4.99MB) 
09-It's In The Cards.mp3 (4.31MB) 
10-Another Night In London.mp3 (3.05MB) 
11-Bitter Pill.mp3 (4.30MB) 
12-Teach Me To Whisper.mp3 (3.93MB) 
13-I See Belief.mp3 (3.83MB) 
14-Self-Affliction.mp3 (4.70MB) 
15-Dust Be The Destiny.mp3 (3.11MB) 
16-Damning The Heavens.mp3 (2.30MB) 
17-Wasted Years.mp3 (4.89MB) 

Slipknot - 9.0: Live 
9.0 Live2 
Chapter One: 
01-The Blister Exists [Live].mp3 (6.20MB) 
02-(sic) [Live].mp3 (3.77MB) 
03-Disasterpiece [Live].mp3 (6.57MB) 
04-Before I Forget [Live].mp3 (4.28MB) 
05-Left Behind [Live].mp3 (3.63MB) 
06-Liberate [Live].mp3 (3.71MB) 
07-Vermilion [Live].mp3 (5.74MB) 
08-Pulse Of The Maggots [Live].mp3 (4.95MB) 
09-Purity [Live].mp3 (5.04MB) 
10-Eyeless [Live].mp3 (4.20MB) 
11-Drum Solo [Live].mp3 (3.86MB) 
12-Eeyore [Live].mp3 (2.23MB) 

Chapter Two: 
01-Three Nil [Live].mp3 (4.91MB) 
02-The Nameless [Live].mp3 (5.31MB) 
03-Skin Ticket [Live].mp3 (5.87MB) 
04-Everything Ends [Live].mp3 (4.91MB) 
05-The Heretic Anthem [Live].mp3 (4.03MB) 
06-Iowa [Live].mp3 (6.40MB) 
07-Duality [Live].mp3 (5.93MB) 
08-Spit It Out [Live].mp3 (5.32MB) 
09-People = Shit [Live].mp3 (5.71MB) 
10-Get This [Live].mp3 (2.68MB) 
11-Wait And Bleed [Live].mp3 (3.63MB) 
12-Surfacing [Live].mp3 (5.66MB) 

Evanescence - The Open Door 
The Open Door 
01-Sweet Sacrifice.mp3 
02-Call Me When You're Sober.mp3 
03-Weight Of The World.mp3 
05-Cloud Nine.mp3 
06-Snow White Queen.mp3 
08-Like You.mp3 
09-Lose Control.mp3 
10-The Only One.mp3 
11-Your Star.mp3 
12-All That I'm Living For.mp3 
13-Good Enough.mp3 

Korn - Untouchables 
Untouchables 1 
01-Here To Stay.mp3 (4.46MB) 
02-Make Believe.mp3 (4.56MB) 
03-Blame.mp3 (3.82MB) 
04-Hollow Life.mp3 (4.11MB) 
05-Bottled Up Inside.mp3 (3.96MB) 
06-Thoughtless.mp3 (4.49MB) 
07-Hating.mp3 (5.09MB) 
08-One More Time.mp3 (4.59MB) 
09-Alone I Break.mp3 (4.23MB) 
10-Embrace.mp3 (4.39MB) 
11-Beat It Upright.mp3 (4.21MB) 
12-Wake Up Hate.mp3 (3.20MB) 
13-I'm Hiding.mp3 (3.92MB) 
14-No One's There.mp3 (5.02MB) 
15-Here To Stay (T-Ray Mix).mp3 (4.28MB) 

Slipknot - Iowa 
01-(515).mp3 (1.03MB) 
02-People = Shit.mp3 (3.49MB) 
03-Disasterpiece.mp3 (5.01MB) 
04-My Plague.mp3 (3.60MB) 
05-Everything Ends.mp3 (4.18MB) 
06-The Heretic Anthem.mp3 (4.17MB) 
07-Gently.mp3 (4.81MB) 
08-Left Behind.mp3 (3.97MB) 
09-The Shape.mp3 (3.59MB) 
10-I Am Hated.mp3 (2.64MB) 
11-Skin Ticket.mp3 (6.53MB) 
12-New Abortion.mp3 (3.58MB) 
13-Metabolic.mp3 (3.94MB) 
14-Iowa.mp3 (14.5MB) 

Slipknot - Slipknot 
01-742617000027.mp3 (745kb) 
02-(sic).mp3 (3.44MB) 
03-Eyeless.mp3 (4.03MB) 
04-Wait And Bleed.mp3 (2.61MB) 
05-Surfacing.mp3 (3.73MB) 
06-Spit It Out.mp3 (2.80MB) 
07-Tattered & Torn.mp3 (3.03MB) 
08-Me Inside.mp3 (2.79MB) 
09-Liberate.mp3 (3.23MB) 
10-Prosthetics.mp3 (5.02MB) 
11-No Life.mp3 (2.92MB) 
12-Diluted.mp3 (3.49MB) 
13-Only One.mp3 (2.59MB) 
14-Scissors.mp3 (8.33MB) 
15-Get This.mp3 (2.21MB) 
16-Interloper (Demo).mp3 (2.46MB) 
17-Despise (Demo).mp3 (14.2MB) 

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown 
21st Century Breakdown 
01-Song Of The Century.mp3 (1.04MB) 
02-21st Century Breakdown.mp3 (5.07MB) 
03-Know Your Enemy.mp3 (3.16MB) 
04-Viva La Gloria.mp3 (3.49MB) 
05-Before The Lobotomy.mp3 (4.55MB) 
06-Christian's Inferno.mp3 (3.11MB) 
07-Last Night On Earth.mp3 (3.90MB) 
08-East Jesus Nowhere.mp3 (4.52MB) 
09-Peacemaker.mp3 (3.39MB) 
10-Last Of The American Girls.mp3 (3.82MB) 
11-Murder City.mp3 (2.91MB) 
12-Viva La Gloria (Little Girl).mp3 (3.76MB) 
13-Restless Heart Syndrome.mp3 (4.30MB) 
14-Horseshoes And Handgrenades.mp3 (3.22MB) 
15-The Static Age.mp3 (4.23MB) 
16-21 Guns.mp3 (5.26MB) 
17-American Eulogy.mp3 (4.38MB) 
18-See The Light.mp3 (4.53MB) 

Stone Sour - Stone Sour 
Album stone sour 
01-Get Inside.mp3 (3.15MB) 
02-Orchids.mp3 (4.24MB) 
03-Cold Reader.mp3 (3.59MB) 
04-Blotter.mp3 (3.92MB) 
05-Choose.mp3 (4.16MB) 
06-Monolith.mp3 (3.66MB) 
07-Inhale.mp3 (4.30MB) 
08-Bother.mp3 (3.90MB) 
09-Blue Study.mp3 (4.49MB) 
10-Take A Number.mp3 (3.62MB) 
11-Idle Hands.mp3 (3.84MB) 
12-Tumult.mp3 (3.95MB) 
13-Omega.mp3 (2.85MB) 

Apocalyptica - 7th Symphony (Special Edition) 
7th Symphony 
01-At The Gates Of Manala.mp3 (6.82MB) 
02-End Of Me (ft. Gavin Rossdale).mp3 (3.39MB) 
03-Not Strong Enough (ft. Brent Smith).mp3 (3.52MB) 
04-2010 (ft. Dave Lombardo).mp3 (4.38MB) 
05-Through Paris In A Sportscar.mp3 (3.77MB) 
06-Beautiful.mp3 (2.27MB) 
07-Broken Pieces (ft. Lacey Mosley).mp3 (3.80MB) 
08-On The Rooftop With Quasimodo.mp3 (4.84MB) 
09-Bring Them To Light (ft. Joe Duplantier).mp3 (4.60MB) 
10-Sacra.mp3 (4.25MB) 
11-Rage Of Poseidon.mp3 (8.38MB) 
12-The Shadow Of Venus.mp3 (5.87MB) 

Eminem - Recovery 
01-Cold Wind Blows.mp3 (4.91MB) 
02-Talkin' 2 Myself.mp3 (4.86MB) 
03-On Fire.mp3 (3.46MB) 
04-Won't Back Down.mp3 (4.30MB) 
05-W.T.P.mp3 (3.86MB) 
06-Going Through Changes.mp3 (4.83MB) 
07-Not Afraid.mp3 (4.02MB) 
08-Seduction.mp3 (4.45MB) 
09-No Love.mp3 (4.84MB) 
10-Space Bound.mp3 (4.51MB) 
11-Cinderella Man.mp3 (4.51MB) 
12-25 To Life.mp3 (3.91MB) 
13-So Bad.mp3 (5.25MB) 
14-Almost Famous.mp3 (4.73MB) 
15-Love The Way You Lie.mp3 (4.26MB) 
16-You're Never Over.mp3 (4.94MB) 
17-Untitled.mp3 (3.33MB) 
18-Ridaz.mp3 (4.85MB) 
19-Session One.mp3 (4.34MB) 

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns 
A Thousand Suns 
01-The Requiem.mp3 (1.99MB) 
02-The Radiance.mp3 (987kb) 
03-Burning In The Skies.mp3 (4.10MB) 
04-Empty Spaces.mp3 (357kb) 
05-When They Come For Me.mp3 (4.78MB) 
06-Robot Boy.mp3 (4.35MB) 
07-Jornada Del Muerto.mp3 (1.58MB) 
08-Waiting For The End.mp3 (3.76MB) 
09-Blackout.mp3 (4.52MB) 
10-Wretches And Kings.mp3 (4.14MB) 
11-Wisdom, Justice, And Love.mp3 (1.64MB) 
12-Iridescent.mp3 (4.79MB) 
13-Fallout.mp3 (1.39MB) 
14-The Catalyst.mp3 (5.49MB) 
15-The Messenger.mp3 (2.93MB) 

DevilDriver - DevilDriver 
01-Nothing's Wrong.mp3 (2.61MB) 
02-I Could Care Less.mp3 (3.56MB) 
03-Die (And Die Now).mp3 (2.97MB) 
04-I Dreamed I Died.mp3 (3.45MB) 
05-Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned.mp3 (3.95MB) 
06-The Mountain.mp3 (4.02MB) 
07-Knee Deep.mp3 (3.15MB) 
08-What Does It Take (To Be A Man).mp3 (3.19MB) 
09-Swinging The Dead.mp3 (3.57MB) 
10-Revelation Machine.mp3 (3.47MB) 
11-Meet The Wretched.mp3 (4.05MB) 
12-Devil's Son.mp3 (2.76MB) 

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