Aplikasi Hp Nokia Nuance T9 navigation X6 / C6

Nuance T9 Nav is a brilliant Symbian S60 5th editionapplication for touch screen smartphones such as Nokia X6and Nokia C6. T9 Nav provides a fast way to access features, applications and content on a mobile device. Using T9 Nav, contacts, email, SMS messages, media files, settings and applications can be accessed in as few as 1 or 2 key presses.
To use T9 Nav, launch the T9 Nav application and enter a character using either the 12-key or QWERTY on screen keyboard. T9 Nav interprets all key presses from the 12-key on screen keyboard as ambiguous text or numbers. T9 Nav returns a list of applications, contacts, or keywords that match your key presses. Scroll the list by swiping the results list up or down.
Some results will have multiple actions associated with them. if this is the case you can expand the result by tapping the item to see the actions. You may also click the default action icon associated with the result. T9 Nav keeps an index of keywords, calendar entries, settings, media files, email, text messages, bookmarks, contacts and application names. T9 Nav updates its index whenever you use the phone.
T9 Nav leverages Nuance’s experience in linguistics and language databases. Additionally, it leverages T9 Text Input technology, providing support for search with multi-language capabilities. All of the languages supported by T9 are available upon request. T9 Nav is a new UI search and storage-based platform from Nuance, the makers of T9 Text Input, to make mobile search and content discovery simple, efficient, flexible and adaptable to the user. Get the version 3.1.0 of this application now and experience it on your mobiles

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