10 aplikasi kesehatan android 2012

Health to be something that very important for everyone, especially for individuals with solid activity. For those with super busy everyday life, would have to take the time to go to the doctor to check blood pressure, or simply knowing the calories consumed and burned.
Fortunately, there are several apps in the Android device that helps users find their health with just a smartphone or tablet device. Here are some of the best Android apps to health.
1. Nike Boom
If you need something that can encourage the spirit of sports, Nike BOOM application may be quite helpful. Users can choose the type of exercise and its accompanying music.
Then, the application will give encouragement and direction so that you can reach the last stage. Not only that, the main athletes in this application will also provide direction, guidance and encouragement like a true sportsman. The application also integrates with Facebook.

2. Backpacker GPS Trails
Backpacker GPS Trails help to give direction while running. With this application, smartphone or tablet into a GPS that helps track the path.
More importantly, this application can save a track record of performance of the runners, if they want to compare with the previous record. Users can also send updates to Facebook.
3. Endomondo Sports Tracker
For those who prefer to exercise in urban areas, Endomondo Sports Tracker is a great application for use in the city. This application will be friends for the runners, cyclists, and pedestrians.
First, it serves as a GPS application that ensures users are not lost in any city. Next is the audio feedback, it will give encouragement at every mile distance has been traveled.
Endomondo Sports Tracker also records distance, time, and calories burned. For users who are competitive, it could try to beat the record for the fastest time ever taken by other friends.
4. Calorie Counter
This application has several features that help users maintain weight. The first is a food diary, in which there is a feeding schedule.
Feature is combined with diet calendar, which tracks the number of calories consumed and burned. It would be helpful to remind the user to lower calorie intake.
5. BMI Calculator
BMI stands for Body Mass Index. With the BMI Calculator, you can calculate, determine and ensure it is not overweight.
6. Soleil Organics
Another way to healthy living is to eat organic food. However, it was difficult to know whether the label attached to the organic food is authentic or not.
Soleil Organics into applications that help buyers make sure they are not fooled by the organic label. The application also gives you tips on what foods to choose from.
7. Instant Heart Rate Pro
The heart is one of the most important organs. With Instant Heart Rate Pro, owner Android smartphone or tablet can detect that they remain healthy heart. This application can be an accurate tool for measuring a person’s heart rate.
Users simply put a finger on the camera phone, a few seconds later the monitor will show the user’s heart rate. This is especially useful for those who have heart problems.
8. First Aid
It’s nice if someone could help others in need of first aid. First Aid, an application of Team Health (Health Team), is the best choice for anyone who is in a state of emergency.
This application will provide a simple guide, which would be useful to anyone who tried to treat people who need help.
9. Epocrates
Diagnosis and appropriate treatment is another side to maintain health. When someone needs medical drug information, Epocrates coming to help. This application is used by the majority of physicians in the United States who gave the leading drug references on the market.
10. Pocket Yoga
Finally, let’s talk about mental health. Pocket Yoga allows the user to have access to a guide Yoga movement to give relief and peace of mind. Yoga instructor you like have the portable.
This application provides three different practice, three different difficulty levels and three different lengths of time. Total sessions presented in the Pocket Yoga, reaching 27 different sessions.
All app can be downloaded from here

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