Game Compressed
Rune (Full ISO/2000)
Rune (Full ISO/2000)
PC Game | 2000 | Publisher: 
Gathering of Developers | Developer: Human HeadStudios | 426 MBGenre : Action

Gamecompressed - Rune is a game of epic melee and exploration. You will explore vast regions from the cavernous underworld, home to unspeakable horrors that stalk the darkness, to the mountains of the Dark Vikings and into the forests that guard theentrance to the realms of the Dwarves and beyond. The game will focus on melee combat, with players using swords, axes, knives and clubs in their quest to solve the secret of the Dark Vikings, who have begun a savage campaign to wipe out their Viking brethren.

As a third person action game, players will see the equipment and weapons that Ragnar carries as he explores the beautiful scenery of Nordic legend. As Ragnar, you will be able to take the weapons of those you vanquish, increasing your inventory as you near your goal.

You will have to think carefully, however, as you will only be able to take what you can carry, and discretion may sometimes be the better part of valour when you are facing the horrific abominations that populate the underworld. You will even be able to use makeshift weapons, such as a torch, rock or bone.

  • Whirlwind third person action
  • Over 40 single player levels
  • Over 15 different weapons
  • Unique multiplayer environments

.:System Requirements:.
  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / NT (with service pack 3 or higher)
  • K6 2 / Pentium II 300 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • DirectX compatible voodoo card with 8MB VRAM
  • 100 MB hard drive space

.:Installation Notes:.
1. Unpack
2. Burn or mount ISO
3. Install
4. Important!: Read the NFO file in Rune1.07 No CD 
to apply last patch (included) and crack
Screenshot Game
Rune (Full ISO/2000)

Rune (Full ISO/2000)

Rune (Full ISO/2000)
Download Rune Game

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