Nokia Symbian Game TurtleDash NEW

Game petualangan Gratis buat hp symbian

Controls :
Touch the blue button to make the character JUMP.\nTouch the blue button while jumping to perform a DOUBLE JUMP.\nHold the blue button down while airborne to make the character GLIDE. The character will continue to fall normally when the button is released.\nTouch the red button to make the character perform a DASH ATTACK.\nPause the game by tapping the Pause button.

Game Rules :
Wooden Box: It can be destroyed with the turtle's Dash Attack. The turtle will be able to double jump again if it is destroyed.
Metal Box: It cannot be destroyed. Be careful not to crash into it.
Jellyfish: It cannot be destroyed. It will reduce the turtle's jumps and speed for a limited period of time if the player comes into contact with it.
Pig: It can be destroyed with the Dash Attack. The turtle will be able to double jump again if it is destroyed.
Boss Bunny: It cannot be destroyed. Evade or use the Dash Attack on the Egg Bombs he throws at you to survive the attack.
Kamikaze Bomb: It will crash on top of the wagon creating a firewall that the turtle must jump to avoid. It cannot be destroyed.
Trap Wagons: They have question marks, so avoid walking over these wagons.
Locomotive: Hit the brake lever to stop the train and win bonus points. But beware! You'll have to jump quickly to the next wagon before it moves out of reach!
Turtle Food: This will give you bonus points that inc
rease your overall score. It comes in 3 different flavors: tomato, carrot and lettuce!

Turtle Dush v1.0.8 S60v5 S^3.jar (1.32 MB)

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